South Sound Ultimate Players

O-Vite 2010, Saturday, June 19th

"Promoting Ultimate frisbee in South Sound as a healthy, fun, and spirited community activity."

O-Vite is a one day tournament in a great location on flat, well-maintained soccer fields.

Most Importantly: No alcohol, tobacco, or illegal substances/acts on the fields! Keep dogs and cats on leashes. These fields are really sweet, and we do not want to lose our access. Also, no amplified music. Singing is OK.


Should be nice.

Tourney Fee

$175 per team.




Two pools of four. Play each team in your pool, then we'll reseed and have two round brackets from there. If W/L records are equal we'll use points for reseeding.

  Field 2A Field 2B Field 3A Field 3B
9:30-10:45 2A v 2C 2B v 2D 3A v 3C 3B v 3D
10:55 -12:10 2A v 2D 2B v 2C 3B v 3C 3A v 3D
12:20-1:35 2A v 2B 2C v 2D 3A v 3B 3C v 3D
25 minute reseeding break
2:00-3:25 A Pool Semi 1
2A v 3B
A Pool Semi 2
2B v 3A
B Pool Semi 1
3C v 2D
B Pool Semi 2
3D v 2C
3:35-5:00 A Pool Final A Pool 3rd Place B Pool Final B Pool 3rd Place

Field 2 Pool

  1. Team (Location)
  2. Team (Location)
  3. Team (Location)
  4. Team (Location)

Field 3 Pool

  1. Team (Location)
  2. Team (Location)
  3. Team (Location)
  4. Team (Location)

You're guaranteed a new opponent in every round but the last one. Reseeding will be by record, and then by points if necessary.


2 timeouts per game; you can use them anytime before the hard cap, which will be a whistle 5 minutes before the end of the round. No soft cap. Halftime at 7. Games to 14 (although most games will get capped, I think). Teams may not play more than 4 men at a time. Defense does not need to match offense's ratio. Teams are encouraged to assess points at a rate of 1 point per 5 minutes when opponents are not ready on time. Teams may play shorthanded if they want, to avoid assessments.

We will play with the Eleventh edition, which you can find online here.

Food and Party

Food: We will provide some food at the fields, including fruit, snacks, and something with protein. This will not be deluxe.

Water, Ice: We will provide a cooler full of ice, and some bags to use in case of injury. There is one water bubbler near the fields, so please bring water. There will most likely be a line at the bubbler between games.

Party: TBD, if any.

Questions: Can be directed to Beth Drake, at .


The fields are at the Regional Athletic Complex near Lacey. The entrance is just east of the intersection of Steilacoom Rd SE and Marvin Rd SE.

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From the North:

Come down I-5 to exit 111. Turn left, over the freeway, and head south on 510 East, also call Marvin Rd. Travel about 1.2 miles. Go left at a stoplight onto Steilacoom Rd SE. It's the first right, there's a big blue sign on the right, for Regional Athletic Complex.

From the South:

Come up I-5 to exit 111. Follow the signs for 510 East. There's a rotary where the signs are not so good, so be careful. Once you're past the rotary, you'll come to a light, where you'll go right onto Marvin Rd. Travel about 1 mile. Go left at a stoplight onto Steilacoom Rd SE. It's the first right, there's a big blue sign on the right, for Regional Athletic Complex. (If you end up taking the wrong turn at the rotary, and driving by Walmart and the KFC (which is what they want you to do, I think), you'll come to Martin Way, go left for a block, then right on Marvin Rd.)

From the Park Entrance:

Right after the park entrance is a rotary. The first exit goes to the softball fields, the second, to the soccer fields (us). If you are going the right direction, and it's not cloudy, you'll have a nice view of the mountain. Go as far back into the parking lot as you can. There's a big playground on the right as you come in, and then a smaller one on the left in the back of the park. Our fields (2 and 3) are the lower ones, to the right of the little playground.

Last Edit: Apr 28 2010