Team O

2007 Olympia Co-Ed Traveling Team

"Put your entire team in the spotlight. Thanks to them, you're able to experience a level of success that you wouldn't have been able to achieve on your own. Remember that when it's your turn to help one of them out."

Hanford Howl '07 Carpool

Since Hanford is the last tournament of the season, the team would like to branch out to others who are interested in tournaments, but haven't been able to attend. Although we will still focus on team strategy and playing hard, Hanford will be an equal-playing time tournament. What does this mean: it means that your coach, Mike Santana, will only yell at the team half as usual! Also, we are dressing up as pumpkins.

Please send reports of how things went, or send pictures.

If any plans change, please let me know. Or call 790-3791.

RV Pool (5:30 pm) Friday
Todd, Andrew, Corey, Mike, Beth, Kathy, and Clint
Leaving from Todd's parent's house at 3523 Donnelly Drive SE
Todd'll be serving some lasagne before they leave if anyone else wants to meet at his parent's house at around 4ish to follow the RV.
Jon and Lisa are driving. Lisa is picking up Gordon, Zoe, & Will out at Evergreen at 6:00 and meeting Jon and Paul near St. Martin's around 6:15. Assuming she gets Amy's address, Lisa is hoping to have Bill meet us at Amy's in Tacoma around 6:45 and we're set...That makes 8.
  • WSDOT recommends *not* leaving cars overnight at Park and Rides.
  • Greg and Shannon will drive by themselves to visit family before and after the tournament, but will be staying with the team Saturday night, because it is so much fun.
  • Here is the official Howl website.
Hotel Rooms:

Days Inn Richland Click here for map and directions.
615 Jadwin Ave. Richland, WA 99352, Phone: 509-943-4611
Under Name: Olympia -- Confirmation Numbers: 113730, 113731, 113732

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