South Sound Ultimate Players

South Sound Ultimate Players Board

"Promoting Ultimate frisbee in South Sound as a healthy, fun, and spirited community activity."

SSUP Board Planning Retreat: Three Year Plan Brainstorm

Traveling Team

2nd coed travelling team
mens and women's travelling teams
1 airplane tournament


indoor winter league
summer league
league venue with pedestrian traffic
bbq league


Thurston County Tournament - competitive
expand Geofest, larger, more competitive
contacts with Olympian for exposure in community, and OlyBlog
Lacey area pickup
non-frisbee socials (book club, hiking, etc)
100 people registered on discussion board
revival of teacher vs. state/fed workers game
more fun
sweep UPA Nationals
increased community exposure
promotional video


continue TESC team
active promotion of SSUP at TESC

High School

2 established high school teams
have made inroads into other local HS
youth fundraising event

Leadership and Organization

non-profit status
formal organization of SSUP board
defined board roles
board agendas set ahead of time
established contacts with disc golf community
SSUP owned RV
SSUP gear - t-shirts
SSUP slush fund for SSUP expenses