South Sound Ultimate Players

South Sound Ultimate Players Board

"Promoting Ultimate frisbee in South Sound as a healthy, fun, and spirited community activity."

SSUP Board Planning Retreat: Ten Year Plan Brainstorm

Traveling Team

more travelling teams
Olympia Grandmasters sectionals team
nationals (at least regionals)
go to Hawaii for the 10th time


more pools at league for different skill levels
year round leagues


Frisbee-fest with other games
expand geographically
Every man, woman, and child be affiliated with SSUP and an Oly-area team
riots in the stands
regular media coverage
all kinds of diversity
2nd generation community players
better punctuality
ultimate 7 days a week
more clinics (incl. k-12 schools)
non-frisbee regular social events (game night, etc)
overnight frisbee camp
parent appreciation (multi-generational games)
develop roller derby team


support local colleges

High School

all local high schools have teams
active little kids league (< HS)

Leadership and Organization

non-profit status (for the money)
own group space (including field space, clubhouse, hot tub)
hosting UPA series tournaments
corporate sponsorships
high-tech throwing labs (simulating wind and other conditions)
paid staff
annual frisbee design competition (city-wide)
Procession of the Species participation