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SSUP Board Meeting Minutes


Snacking on brownies: Andrew, Beth, Corey, Ian, Kathy, Pam, Todd, Will

Fall League (Todd):

Things are moving right along, and Bunny is waiting for final cost from us. Last year we used 1.5 hours, but 2 are available if we want it and want to pay extra: (decision: No, thanks). Sign up will start Wednesday most likely.

Captains will be Jon, Paul Telford, Andrew, and Corey. Ian will schedule a draft meeting as soon as we can. Corey will be out of town from the 18th to the 22nd, but could perhaps participate by phone if it comes to that.

Pickup (Pam):

We talked about whether 'tis better to have lousy pickup or no pickup. We decided it's likely to improve, so we'll keep trying. Tentatively, 9/25 will be the last Thursday pickup.

We will perhaps try to get more folks to come to pickup by celebrating more birthdays, as that seems to help. Plus, it's always going to be Molly's 21st birthday, so we have that going for us, which is nice.

Will suggested that we might have "east side pickup" in Lacey some day.

Team (Beth):

September 9th will be the last practice of the year.

Geofest: (Corey):

Looks like it will be 9/27, but we don't have official confirmation yet. Also, it's likely to be just the big lower field, as the soccer fields will be unavailable this fall, which limits us to three fields, and 6 or 7 teams. Several teams have expressed interest.

Corey got some ideas from folks about food and party plans. Also, there will be a glowstick game the Friday before.

Ian suggested that we might want to plan a tournament at the new fields in Lacey some day soon, to get on the schedule before it fills up. Or a league.

Next Meeting

Monday, November 11th