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SSUP Board Meeting Minutes



Guidelines for Deciding Whether to Accept a Pre-formed Team into a League:

We decided that we will continue to advertise our leagues as hat/draft. We had a request to make sure that captains share information during drafts, because the goal of draft day is competitive balance. We talked about recruiting women from other leagues and other cities and other sports.

We talked a lot about rules and gender balance. I'm not sure what we came up with, but I think Andy was going to send something out about it. Meanwhile, I thought I'd post here two rules Andy sent out which I think helped clarify things before the Spring tournament:

Conditions Of Forfeit:  If you do not have at least 7 people (one of which must be a woman (6-1, 5-2, 4-3, etc.), you must forfeit.

Gender Balance:  If a team is not forced to forfeit (subject to the above condition), you must allow them to play a 6-1 game.  You may then either field your own 6-1 team, or choose to do one of two things.  You can give them one or more of your women to allow for a 5-2 game (at least some of the time), or you can choose to play gender imbalanced and field your women against the other team's men.  The team playing savage can choose to play a person down at their discretion, but as the team with numbers, you can still field 7.  Per usual, on agreement between the captains, it is encouraged to change occasionally between 5-2 and 6-1 if possible (offense calls).

We will consider these rules for Fall, too. In my notes I referred to it as the "6-1 Proposal."

Youth Outreach: (Jeremy):

Jeremy announced that he's leaving the board. We thank him for his many years of distinguished service to the Olympia ultimate community.

We talked about trying to get a high school team for Geofest.

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