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"Promoting Ultimate frisbee in South Sound as a healthy, fun, and spirited community activity."

SSUP Board Meeting Minutes


It turns out that margaritas seem to help attendance. We only had seven board members at this meeting.

Fall League (Todd):

Feedback on the fall league was very positive, with many players asking for more. We have begun investigating the cost of extending the league to eight weeks. We talked about scheduling, and we're going to see if we can start a week later so that returning Evergreeners can play.

Spring League (Andy):

Feedback on the spring league was very positive, with results very similar to previous surveys. We did have some comments about spirit problems, rules concerns, issues with pre-formed teams, and new players wanting more learning opportunities. We discussed the general objective of spring league, and Andy will write something up to present to the board at the next meeting. It will focus on "fun, flexible, inclusive, and spirited." We discussed spirit issues, and decided that it might help to have some description to provide to new players and captains. Andy will write something up to present to the board at the next meeting.

We also talked about going back to 6 teams next year, with one time slot, and a league-wide set of clinics before each game. Mike suggested more "off the field" spirit activities; perhaps at half time, or after the game? We'll talk about this more at the next meeting.

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