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SSUP Board Meeting Minutes


Happy Cinco de Mayo! We enjoyed a pitcher of margaritas with our meeting.

PR (Kathy):

Tammy from the Olympian called Andrew, and he gave her number to Kathy, so Kathy could call back. This may be related to Ian having submitted us for the Olympia Sourcebook again this year (we didn't get in last year).

We had requests for flyers and business cards to advertise summer pickup.

Pickup (Jen):

The Pickup committee was given three specific questions last week, and they reported answers this week (here's me paraphrasing):

  1. Switching shirts at pickup to increase your playing time is OK. However, we all need to be aware of others and encourage new people to play.
  2. We are all the welcoming committee. Pickup can seem like an intense environment, and it's hard for new people to know what's going on. We all need to take responsibility for making folks want to come and play. This is one important way that we can grow as a community.
  3. Women should not "get last-backed" off the field if they're needed to keep gender balance on the field. If a fifth or seventh woman wants to play, she has to do "last back" like anyone else.

Jen requested feedback on these issues, indicating that the pickup committee is flexible and willing to consider input.

We discussed how and when the summer pickup schedule would be decided and the pickup committee will report on this before the end of league (via email).

Leagues (Troy):

Troy is stepping down from the board and from running the leagues. Thanks to Troy for his many years of distinguised service! Andy would like us to begin planning for new league leadership. We decided that we should try to get at least one person to step up to run each league, with the idea that we'll need to add to the leadership team (especially Spring, because it's the most work).

Todd volunteered to run Fall League, with Ian and Jen offering to help.

Andrew volunteered to explore a possible indoor Winter League.

Shannon and Andy volunteered to help with Spring League again, but we need to add to this committee. Fortunately, we have a lot of time to recruit help. We discussed the importance of non-board members working on committees, and proposed a goal of at least one non-board member for each committee.

The Spring League team would like feedback. Specifically, on the topic of pre-formed teams (last year we had one, this year we have three). Andy will send out a copy of the old survey (from 2 years ago) and the board will send him feedback on the survey, which will be modified for reuse this year.


We also talked about recruiting in general, and Todd said that the very good woman (Katie) on his team is not interested in co-ed, but instead wants to start a South Sound women's team.

Andrew's birthday is coming up on June 8th.

During the meeting, Bill texted Kathy to make sure we discussed his and Beth's Callahan.

Next Meeting

June 16th, Monday. 7:00 pm at Ian and Sherrie's house.