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SSUP Board Meeting Minutes

2/9/08 (annual planning retreat: thanks Ramblin' Jacks!)

We started off introducing the board by going over the committees, I'll list minutes here by committee, too. These may have occurred at the beginning or later in the meeting.

PR (Kathy):

PR now is responsible for maintaining the Yahoo group. Dave Eilers has joined the PR committee; and he requested descriptions for each of the committees (note: Ian has started working on this). Beth wants a sandwich board. We had a request to notify the Geoduck listserve when board minutes are posted.

Fields (Andrew):

TESC is great, but it's not centrally located. Andrew has been learning about field reserving processes.. Sound Stadium costs $80 per hour with lights, about $60 without. Some folks questioned whether we need a fields committee. Ian agreed to become the chair of the Fields committee.

Pickup (Jen):

Some debate occurred concerning the "greeter of new folks at pickup." Which committee is responsible for this, PR or Pickup or neither? Will mentioned that Saturday pickup for new players is still occurring, and this needs to be put back on the web site. Pam joined this committee.

Leagues (Troy):

We may have three special, non-hat teams in the Spring league this year. Added to the Timberline HS team, Evergreen, and "dodge ball in the valley" team. Spring league will start something like 4/13 through 6/8 (exact dates not confirmed), and won't skip Memorial Day weekend this year. If you have any input on these dates or known conflicts, now is the time to speak up. We're hoping for 8 teams with 2 fields and 2 time slots.

Ian will make a new league brochure. Troy wants something good that we can post places and will get attention.

Rich suggested a summer league would be good for the TESC team. Ian asked Will to survey his members to see how many would play. Shannon joined this committee.

Local Tournaments (Corey):

Corey asked for input on scheduling a Geofest-like tournament. Will said during school would be good for TESC players. Troy said not during league. Jeremy said May (for HS players?) Someone said not during Sectionals. Shannon recommended that we establish something consistent year after year to help people plan for it. Someone said that if it's at TESC, you want to get an audience from students, do it in early June or late September. Mike suggested two tournaments, one scheduled for TESC, and one scheduled for O. Ian said not Labor Day.

Lisa joined this committee.

Youth Outreach (Jeremy):

Todd joined this committee.

Mixed Travelling Team (Beth):

This committee hasn't needed to meet since last March. Shannon joined this committee.

Part of the planning meeting included a time to give the board feedback on the team. Players should also know that feedback to the team committee can be provided more anonymously, if needed, through any board member.

To start, Mike provided a description of what the team did last year and a few changes:

Now, the feedback:

Other Notes:

Annual Planning

Part of our meeting consisted of brainstorming our goals for next 1, 3, and 10 years. We will get this handwritten information typed and posted soon, and we will use it as a source of ideas and inspiration as we move forward.

Next Meeting

March 25th, Tuesday. 7:00 pm at Ian and Sherrie's house.